About Me

Jeff Kaliel is a noted attorney with over one decade of experience handling substantial class action suits and over 15 years as a practicing attorney to his credit. Kaliel is well-respected in legal circles and has received many commendations and awards throughout his legal career and as he served in the military.

Current Role and Duties

Kaliel is pursuing several major cases and works through the KalielGold firm, an industry leader in high-stakes class action litigation in federal and state courts. Throughout the firm's history, settlements and verdicts have reached into the hundreds of millions of dollars range and included significant victories against predatory financial practices.

The Washington D.C.-based firm Kaliel Gold also specializes in various civil actions involving overdraft fees, consumer protections, personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance fraud, bank fraud, false advertising, and much more.

Career History

Before attending law school and starting his successful legal practice, Jeffrey Kaliel served in the United States Army. He reached the rank of Staff Sergeant and obtained qualifications in airborne and mountain warfare, and served in Iraq in 2003 during the second Iraq war.

Kaliel participated in the Department of Homeland Security Honors Program and worked in the appellate litigation section for the governmental agency. He also assisted in the department's internal investigation into the response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to prepare for a congressional inquiry. He also served as a special U.S. Attorney in California's Southern District, focusing on prosecuting crimes related to the United States border.

Academic History and Legal Education

Kaliel finished his undergraduate work in 2000 with a degree in political science from Amherst College. He graduated summa cum laude from the university and also spent one year abroad at Cambridge University in England studying philosophy. For law school, he selected Yale Law and earned his law degree in 2005.

Professional Skills and Experience

Throughout his career, Jeff Kaliel has taken the helm of several high-profile and legally significant cases. He has led class counsel in crucial state and national class action suits, won many contest class certification motions, defended dispositive motions, and utilized several data-intensive, high-tech, and scientific methods and processes in discovery and beyond. The scope of his expertise has extended to partnerships with economists and information technology experts, and engineers to craft highlighted detailed models demonstrating the damages in cases. The ability to show information in a dynamic presentation during high-stakes litigation is key, and Kaliel has a demonstrated ability to connect and convey these points.

A personal passion for Jeffrey is fighting against predatory financial firms and services and the real-world consequences they leave behind for so many consumers. His current caseload includes many actions against financial services firms and related entities involved in the most predatory lending practice. He also fights against financial services designed to grab the limited funds available to the most vulnerable consumers in America. This low-income population receives limited access to low-fee and high-quality services.

In addition to mastering the legal arguments necessary to convey the technical merits of a case, fighting consumer issues in this space requires developing financial expertise on par with many in the field but retaining the ability to convey it in an approachable, easily digestible way for individuals hearing a case.

Consumer safety and protection litigation are very similar. The laws protecting consumers from an array of issues are complex, varied, and, at times, overwhelming in volume. Navigating through to the points of interest and content is a focused and research-intensive undertaking requiring strict attention to detail and nuance to find the legal arguments best suited to a case. From there, the complexities evolve if a matter moves from a single consumer to a class-action proceeding, and the stakes become much higher.

For Kaliel, the intensity is worth the reward when companies must meet wronged consumers' financial demands and implement changes based on the learnings from a successful civil proceeding.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

In his legal career, Jeffrey Kaliel has worked with various nonprofits to fight for truth and create the financial sting that often helps spur major changes. Some of his proudest work with nonprofits includes various human societies, Compassion over Killing, and the National Consumers League. These organizations fought for the truth in labeling food and animal products through the legal system.


In 2015, Kaliel was recognized as one of the Washington D.C. Rising Stars Super Lawyers due to his achievements. The Super Lawyers publication uses various criteria to select honorees, making the award a true honor.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

When he is not pursuing legal matters, Kaliel enjoys spending time with his family exploring the D.C. area and surrounding countryside.


Jeff Kaliel